Which coffees are dark roast?

Traditionally, roasted coffee has been categorized according to roast degree: light roast, medium roast, dark roast, etc... At Passenger, rather than differentiating our coffees in this way, we develop all of our roast profiles with the same goal: presenting the intrinsic qualities of the different coffees we buy in a way that emphasizes their inherent sweetness and flavor complexity. Put another way, we try to let the beautiful coffees that we roast speak for themselves, as free of roast artifact flavors as possible.

We divide all of the coffees of Passenger’s menu into three broad flavor profiles: Lively, Balanced, and Rich. The “Rich” offerings on our menu tend to be smooth, heavier bodied, easy-drinking coffees with lots of chocolate and toasted nut flavors. This would definitely be the category to check out if you tend to prefer coffees with deeper, richer flavors. And, if you continue to prefer coffees on the “darker” side, you might also enjoy trying one of the coffees from the menu of our sister roasting company Necessary Coffee

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