Matcha Brew Guide

A celebration of tradition and balance. Matcha is stone ground whole leaf tea from Japan, whisked together with hot water to create a frothy and centering beverage.

What You Will Need:

Brewing Instructions:

  1. Bring ~0.5L filtered water to 175ºF in kettle.
  2. Fill bowl with enough heated water to preheat bowl. Discard water. Towel dry. 
  3. Place 2.5g matcha in bowl.
  4. Place bowl on gram scale. Tare to zero.
  5. Evenly saturate matcha with ~50g water.
  6. Whisk matcha and water aggressively for about a minute. A layer of foam will float on the surface.
  7. Carefully add 190g water.

For Matcha Latte:

  1. Add 1tsp (2.5g) and 12oz milk to metal steaming pitcher.
  2. Aerating lightly, use steam wand to bring mixture to 140ºF.
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